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Nursing Entrepreneurs:

Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio. Educational Enterprises:"Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN PhD CEN is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers you will have the opportunity to experience. Laura has held CCRN Certifications for over 15 years and CEN Certifications for 13 years. Laura has helped thousands of nurses over the last sixteen years to prepare for the CCRN and the CEN examinations. She has held positions as staff nurse, Staff Development Instructor and Professor of nursing. Dr Vonfrolio is the proprietor of Education Enterprises and the former publisher of REVOLUTION - The Journal of Nurse Empowerment."
1525 Arthur Kill Road
Staten Island, New York 10312.
1.800.331.6534 9am-4pm EST Monday-Thursday

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  • 12 Lead EKG Interpretation Made EZ:"This three hour review includes 2 ninety minute VHS tapes and a course handout. These videos are of a live 12 Lead EKG Interpretation Made EZ Course presented by Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD."
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  • CEN Review:"This 1 day review course includes 3 two hour VHS tapes and a course handout. Great for nurses wanting to expand their knowledge base in emergency settings, presented by Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD. This video is of an INTENSE, fast-paced, hilarious one-day seminar of the "CEN REVIEW" that is designed to help you prepare for the CEN Exam and Pass. Both the exam's content areas and the style of the CEN Exam and PASS. Both the exam's content areas and the style of the CEN examination are reviewed."
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  • CCRN Review:"These videos are of a live 2 day CCRN Review Course presented by Laura Gaparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD. You will laugh as you learn!"
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  • Nurses Greatest Day, Video Of The Nurses March On DC!:"See 35,000 nurses strong fill Pennsylvania Ave. from the Capitol to the White House. They went to the NationÂ’s Capitol to make the public aware of the concerns nurses have for their patients. Relive this historic event. Forty-Five minutes that include all major events and speakers. You may even see yourself, if you were there!"
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Cindy Edwards RN, C.C.R.N, First Aid By Cindy:
First Aid, Nursing Videos
Intensive Care Unit Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, CCU, ER


Linda B. Jenkins RN BSN PHN ACCE, California Nurse Entrepreneurs:
Specialty Areas: Childbirth, Labor Videos in Spanish, Medical Surgical, Obstetrics OB, Prenatal



Fanlight Productions:"Fanlight Productions has been distributing outstanding film and video works on health care, mental health, disabilities, gerontology, ethics, the workplace, family issues & gender for over 20 years."
4196 Washington St, Suite 2 Boston, MA 02131
800-937-4113 or 617-469-4999 fax: 617-469-3379 e-mail:


Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc.:"Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc. is an NP-owned company dedicated to helping nurse practitioners, advanced practice and ambulatory care nurses achieve certification and to maintain professional competence by providing live continuing education seminars, web and computer based learning courses, audio/video learning modules and books."
85 Flagship Drive North Andover, MA 01845-6154
Voice: 800.927.5380 Fax: 978.794.2455 E-mail:

Category: Massachusetts Nurses, Massachusetts Nursing,
Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nursing,
Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses,


National Institute for Health and Human Services, Inc.:"Video in-service is an excellent way to train staff 24/7 on vital issues impacting the industry. Videos provide a cost effective method of relaying critical information to all shifts. These videos were taped from LIVE seminars and have been edited for ease of in-service. With ever-changing regulations and surveyor focus, it is imperative that staff have increased knowledge on issues such as Care Planning, MDS, RAPS, and the "New" Quality Measures just to name a few. Thank you for your support of the NIH. I hope to see you at an upcoming seminar!..."
The National Institute for Health and Human Services, Inc.
60 Presidential Plaza Suite 108 Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 1-800-886-0241 Fax: 1-800-886-1405
E-mail: Sandi Schneider, VP:

****************************************************** Videos is owned and managed by nurses. Since 1986 we’ve been producing high-quality videos about pertinent issues for nurses in acute care and home health. Check out our products. Plus go to our Hotlinks to find some other interesting web sites for nurses. And please E-mail us with your questions and comments. We’d love to hear from you! Telephone 800-998-1945 · 901-683-1945, FAX 901-683-8369, Postal address 86 Shady Glen Rd, Memphis, TN 38120


Videos by Topic:

Bed Positioning and Bed Mobility:"This video demonstrates methods in bed positioning and bed mobility which provide a good basis for rehabilitation and increased potential for future functional gains. These specific "how to's" can make early management of the stroke patient much easier, less of a struggle and, at the same time, more therapeutic. It will help you to save your back and their shoulders. Skin breakdown and other painful conditions can be prevented if the techniques are followed closely."


Born in the USA, A Documentary about Childbirth in America:"Three out of every four Americans become parents, yet most of us have never really considered what having a "normal" birth means. How much technology is appropriate? What are the safe options that are available to families today, and are they available to everyone? How can parents decide what is best?"


Cardiovascular Nursing Videos: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins


Caring for Aggressive Older Adults Across Levels of Care:"Aggressive behavior can be the most troubling - and possibly the least understood - of all behavioral problems confronted by those who work with older adults. This unique documentary presents a remarkable series of real-life situations in which healthcare providers must cope with behaviorally impaired or aggressive elders."


Caring at the End of Life:"Central to this provocative documentary is the case of a comatose patient, whose family and healthcare team are in conflict over how long to continue with the treatments which are keeping him alive. In making decisions about his care, they confront disturbing ethical questions about patient autonomy vs. the needs of the family, about who is in a position to judge what another person would want, about the role and impact of faith, and about the certainty or fallibility of medical judgement."


Code Gray: Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing:"This multi-award winning program documents four situations where nurses must balance the often contradictory views of patients, family members, and other staff about what is best for their patients. It offers no easy answers, but will trigger discussion about the realities of nursing in a technologically complex world."


How to Promote Patient Satisfaction,"This video shows nurses how to promote patient satisfaction and positively influence patients’ memorable impressions of their hospital experience. The link between patient satisfaction and positive patient outcomes • What patients expect from nurses • Reducing costs by reducing patient problems • Attitude adjustment: 3 ways to improve interpersonal interactions • 3 things you should never say • How to demonstrate care and concern for the patient and family"


Improving Function and Awareness, Stroke Education Video Series for Therapists:"The more the hemiplegic side is incorporated into everyday real life functional tasks, the more possibilities there are to lay a foundation promoting the highest level of recovery for that patient. This video demonstrates many things we can do to help patients increase their potential for function, even before movement returns."


Preventing Shoulder Pain, Stroke Education Video Series for Therapists:"This video demonstrates a program of very simple, but important steps, to prevent shoulder pain. Shoulder pain interferes with the entire rehabilitation program. A stroke survivor with a painful shoulder doesn't want to get out of bed, get dressed, walk and even sleeping is very difficult. Most painful shoulders can been prevented, if those caring for the patient are better informed and better trained."


Self Care, Stroke Education Video Series for Therapists:"This video clearly demonstrates activities of daily living (dressing, grooming and hygiene) with stroke survivors. The therapeutic qualities inherent in self care skills make them a perfect choice for improving and documenting functional gains. For the greatest improvement it's not just a matter of if they can do the task, but how do they do it. Also included are common problems seen in hemiplegia and how to correct them."


Standing Safely, Stroke Education Video Series for Therapists:"It is important that stroke patients learn to stand. This videotape demonstrates in a step-by-step instructional approach how to make it easier for you and safer for the patient. Standing is necessary to do many functional tasks in a 'normal' way (shaving, brushing teeth, pulling up pants, working at the kitchen counter) while, at the same time gaining numerous therapeutic benefits."


Stroke Education Video Series for Therapists:"The only comprehensive distance learning program of its kind for stroke management! An excellent resource for physical therapists, occupational therapists and nurses. This easy to use series of 6 individual videotapes demonstrate practical treatment ideas which can be immediately used in acute hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing and home health."
PO Box 1990 Port Townsend, WA 98368
Toll free: (888) 665-6556 Fax: (360) 379-1044 E-mail:


Wheelchair Transfers, Stroke Education Video Series for Therapists:"This program is designed to teach safe and therapeutic methods for transfers in and out of the wheelchair with stroke survivors who need maximum and moderate assistance. Wheelchair transfers can be difficult and a source of back pain and injury to both the patient and the therapist or nurse who is assisting. This program is designed to teach transfers in a way where lifting is not required and injuries are prevented."


Empire Homecare Resources, Inc.:"Empire HomeCare Resources is a senior health care planning and support service for those of you who are facing real concerns regarding a disability, illness, injury, or other health problem which needs to be addressed. We focus on education, support, and training for seniors, family, caregivers, and the disabled so that a long term illness or chronic health condition will be as comfortable, and stressless as possible."
1558 Knoll Circle Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93103



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