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Nursing Refresher Courses on: The Nursefriendly

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Does your organization offer a nursing refresher course? Add it to our database!

National Nursing Refresher Course Providers:

  • North Dakota Board of Nursing:"This course is accepted by most State Boards of Nursing for relicensure. RN & LPN REFRESHER COURSES are based on the Adult Learning Principle of self-motivated learning. Students proceed at their own pace, with one year to complete the course. The course is divided into two main components: 100 hours of theory (RN) 60 hours of theory (LPN) plus 100 hours of clinical practicum. Nursing Practice Activities are included in each module of the Learner Guide to augment the theory learning. Support is available from the CNE-Net staff and the clinical practicum is completed at a facility near the student with an approved registered nurse preceptor. Successful completion requires passing a final exam with a minimum of 75%. The exam is administered by a proctor, whom the student chooses."
    For additional information or to enroll in the Refresher Course e-mail marna@ndna.org or call (701) 223-7105

LPNrefreshercourse.com, National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc. (NAPNES):"For many Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) nurses who have been inactive or who have let their license lapse for one reason or another, attending a University or Community College for a state-required refresher course is just not an option. Time, money, job or family obligations , or geographic proximity to an institution can prevent good nurses from reactivating their license and/or returning to work. If you've found yourself in this situation, a self-study refresher course may be the solution. This course permits you to begin at your convenience and study at home, at your own pace. You can complete the theory, testing and clinical practice in your own community."
National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc. (NAPNES) http://www.lpnrefreshercourse.com/Home.aspx

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Calling Nurses Back to the Field Ramona Salotti, RN, BS, Nursingspectrum.com:"We came from throughout the Philadelphia area, 30 women who shared a common bond: We all were inactive registered nurses. Our reasons for leaving the profession were similar, and familiar — family commitments, professional frustrations, better opportunities in other fields. But the nursing shortage had inspired many of us to reconsider our commitment, and the conference “Re-Discover Nursing,” hosted by NurseSponsorsTM, brought us together."

Freshen Up with a Nurse Refresher Course Valerie Kordowski, RN, BSN:"Are you tired of saying you “used to be a nurse?” If so, your first step may be to take a nurse refresher course. It can be just what you need to put your nursing career back on track. Whether your current nursing license is inactive or lapsed, your state board of nursing requires you to take a nurse refresher course to return to active status, and any nurse can take a refresher course. “The backgrounds and situations represented by RNs who’ve taken our course are incredibly varied,” says Virginia Moore, RNC, MSN, WHNP, office of lifelong learning coordinator for the Back to the Future: Renewing RNs course at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in Nashville, TN. “The youngest person to take our course was 30 years old [and] the most mature was 75. Some have active licenses but have not been involved in bedside care in the hospital setting for several years. Others have inactive or lapsed licenses due to involvement in other careers, home-making responsibilities, or retirement.”

Hospital Mentors and College Bring RNs Back to the Workforce, Carol Bartolotti, RN, C, MPA:"You’ve been out of clinical nursing for at least 15 years, but you’d like to return to work on a medical/surgical unit. Where do you go first? You’ve heard about refresher courses and know that they might be your answer. You head to your local hospital and investigate the possibilities. If you came to Nyack Hospital in Nyack, NY, you’d find that we’ve formed a partnership with Rockland County’s only community college and developed a refresher course for RNs. This course, designed to familiarize inactive RNs with the current acute care environment, begins with a four-hour classroom/skills laboratory orientation that covers topics such as infection control and fire safety, followed by five eight-hour clinical days. We have course instructors and assigned hospital staff as clinical mentors."

By State:

Arizona Nurse Refresher Courses:

    Registered Nurse Refresher Course, MCC Nursing Department, Mesa Community College:"Has your nursing career been on hold but now you’re ready to return? Have you let your license lapse for one reason or another? Well, reactivate your license and return to work with the MCC Registered Nurse Refresher program. Our program is conveniently offered online. The Registered Nurse Refresher program consists of two sequential courses that are approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing for licensure in Arizona only. The program may be completed in as little as six months"
    1833 West Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85202 USA
    PHONE: 480 461 7000 (main)

Colorado Nurse Refresher Courses:

  • The RN Refresher Course, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs:"Are you an inactive registered nurse or an active registered nurse, but you feel out of practice with today's fast-paced health care environment? If so, then the new RN Refresher Course can bring you up to date with today's technology and standards. The RN Refresher course is an innovative course designed and developed by Beth-El faculty. Holly Bradshaw, RN, BSN is the current coordinator and lead faculty. Because of the need to maintain standards in a rapidly changing technological world, this course was developed to keep registered nurses knowledgeable about current nursing techniques and practices. The RN Refresher Course will cover many objectives. In this course you will: Review previous knowledge and basic patient care Acquire additional knowledge and skills required of a medical/surgical nurse Gain a renewed sense of self-confidence as a professional nurse Be exposed to traditional and new career/educational opportunities Be able to transfer into a staff orientation in any health care environment The RN Refresher course will help out-of-practice nurses feel current and technologically up-to-date. Past RN Refresher students repeatedly express the feelings of security and self-assurance that they received from taking this course: "
    Lifelong Learning Digest Fall/Winter 1999-2000 Call (719)262-3364 to Register Today!

Delaware Nurse Refresher Courses:

    Nursing Refresher Course, University of Delaware:"Designed to upgrade basic competence of registered nurses who have not been in active practice and nurses who need to reinstate their Delaware licenses. This ten-session course includes lectures, seminars, and demonstrations. Independent study and clinical experience (four days, arranged by mutual agreement between students and instructor) also are required. Participants who complete the program are awarded certification from the College of Health and Nursing Sciences. Both lectures and clinical experience are required to successfully complete the course. Enrollment is limited to ten students."
    University of Delaware - Newark Campus Map
    Newark, DE
    If you have questions please contact Ruth Hurst by e-mail at continuing-health@udel.edu or by phone at 302/831-8837.

Florida Nurse Refresher Courses:

    Health Science Continuing Education Refresher Nurse Update (Theory & Clinical)- Broward County Community College:"This course is designed for the Registered Nurse (RN) who has been away from practice for three (3) or more years, or those currently working in areas other than the medical-surgical environment. The material presented will allow the returning nurse to practice: patient care skills, the administration of medication and physical assessment in the lab setting prior to hospital clinicals. This will give an opportunity for the nurse to become aware of the changes that have occurred and that are necessary for providing effective nursing care in a variety of acute care clinical situations, so that the nurse will be able to move with confidence into a staff nurse orientation and return to practice. Clinical lab will be provided in a local hospital(s) where the returning RN will be exposed to various experiences working with an RN preceptor."

Indiana Nurse Refresher Courses:

    Community's Nurse Refresher Course, Indiana:"The Nursing Refresher Course is designed primarily to assist the inactive RN/LPN in updating knowledge and skills to return to active nursing employment. The curriculum consists of classroom instruction coordinated with clinical observations all designed to update a nurse on current nursing trends and to provide opportunities for sharpening skills and learning new nursing techniques. This course is offered two times a year."
    Community Health Network
    1500 North Ritter Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46219
    (317) 355-1411

New Jersey Nurse Refresher Courses:

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