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  • Workers Compensation


    Legal Nurse Consultants specializing in Unemployment Compensation Issues:

    Unemployment Compensation Law Materials, Cornell University Law School:"Unemployment insurance provides workers, whose jobs have been terminated through no fault of their own, monetary payments for a given period of time or until they find a new job. Unemployment payments (compensation) are intended to provide an unemployed worker time to find a new job equivalent to the one lost without financial distress. Without employment compensation many workers would be forced to take jobs for which they were overqualified or end up on welfare. Unemployment compensation is also justified in for sustaining consumer spending during periods of economic adjustment."


    What employers need to know about Florida Unemployment Compensation Law, Florida Department of Revenue:"What is Unemployment Compensation? Unemployment compensation provides partial, temporary income to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, and are able and available for work. The objective is to provide a cushion to absorb some of the shock of unemployment to jobless workers, their families, and the business community. Who Pays for It? You, the employer, pay for unemployment compensation through a tax administered by the Florida Department of Revenue. It is one of your business costs. Workers do not pay any part of the unemployment tax and employers must not make payroll deductions for this purpose. The consumer bears this cost in the price of the goods or services you sell. Thus, the burden of the economic hazard of unemployment is shared by all. Your payments go into a reserve fund from which benefits are paid to eligible claimants. After a qualifying period, employers with a stable employment history will receive credit for this in a reduced tax rate."
    1-800-352-3671 (FL Only), 1-850-488-6800


    Unemployment compensation law,"If you lose your job to termination or downsizing, you may qualify for unemployment compensation until you find another job. The amount you’ll receive depends on how long you worked and how much money you’ve paid in taxes. Although it doesn’t compare to a full-time salary, unemployment compensation may help you pay your bills. The program was established by the federal Social Security Act in 1935 and is implemented through the Federal Unemployment Tax Act. Each state governs its own unemployment insurance program that must be approved by the Secretary of Labor. There are special federal rules for nonprofit organizations and governmental entities. State employer contributions are based on the amount of wages they’ve contributed to the unemployment fund, and the amount their terminated employees have received from the fund. Any state tax imposed on employers may be credited against the federal tax. Proceeds from unemployment taxes are deposited in an Unemployment Trust Fund. Each state has a separate account in the Fund. Some states provide additional unemployment benefits to disabled workers. For more information, consult your state labor department."
    1782 La Costa Meadows Dr., Suite 100, San Marcos, CA 92069
    Telephone: 1-800-397-3743 FAX: 1-800-220-4546,


    Unemployment Compensation, Tennessee Valley Authority:"Unemployment compensation benefits are available to employees who are terminated, satisfy eligibility requirements and are not otherwise disqualified from receiving such benefits under the laws of the state in which they last worked. These benefits are provided through a program established for federal employees, which is administered by the Employment Security Agency in each state."
    Corporate Headquarters, Tennessee Valley Authority
    400 W. Summit Hill Dr. Knoxville, TN 37902-1499
    Phone: 865-632-2101,


    Unemployment, Labor Law and Appeals Information, Texas Workforce Commission:"The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is the state government agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas. For employers, TWC offers recruiting, retention, training and retraining, and outplacement services as well as valuable information on labor law and labor market statistics. For job seekers, TWC offers career development information, job search resources, training programs, and, as appropriate, unemployment benefits. While targeted populations receive intensive assistance to overcome barriers to employment all Texans can benefit from the services offered by TWC and our network of workforce partners."


    National ITSC Unemployment Insurance Web Site: U.S. Department of Labor with Statistics and Resources.



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