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Last First Name: Carey Nancy
License degrees: RN, CCRN, BS
E-mail Address:
City: Quartz Hill
State: California

What kind of nursing do you do: Recovery Room PACU
How did you hear about the Nurse Friendly Homesite: An Infoseek search
Website: AACN
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Caucasian
How many years have you been practicing as a nurse: 19 years
Professional organizations you belong to: AACN

Would you recommend the field: Nursing is a challenging and varied field. I would recommend Nursing as a profession and have done so numerous times.
Employment changes in career: 5 times
Reason for the change: Out of nursing school I started working in CCU ICU areas. Changes have been made as I searched nursing for more challenges.
If you lost your job tomorrow how easily do you feel you find new employment: In the past when I changed jobs it was always very! easy for me. I plan to move from Calif. to Washington next year and I have no idea how that transition will go.
In how many years would you like to retire: I would like to retire in 5 years.
Have you started any type of retirement fund: I have no retirement fund now. My husband has a 401K plan which belongs to both of us.
Would this travel : Yes it is half mine.

Do you feel having certified Patient Educational Materials on the WWW would be beneficial: I feel that we should help others obtain needed information about medical issues by making that information available in every known format. The more people we are able to educate the better be it on the web or in our daily contact with our patients.
Nursing School you attend if applicable: University of Redlands BS in Health Care
Where do you work: Hospital

Do you carry a personal malpractice insurance policy why or why not: Yes. I've had a policy for about 15 years. I like the idea of having a secondary safety net just in case I need it. I never have needed to file a claim but I did ask advice once when I was told by my supervisor to apologize for something I didnt do. The supervisor had promised the patient over the phone that a telephone call of apology would be made to the patient and she chose me to make that call. I checked with my malpractice carrier and was told never to apologize for something I didnt do and that it would make me look guilty doing so.
Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: The influence of HMOs on quality of care over the past few years has been appalling. When health care decisions are made using money as a yardstick many patients come out on the short end. Especially those patients who are uneducated about the kind of health care they can expect for specific illnesses. Cutbacks in health care dollars have eliminated education programs ie diabetes and heart disease in my area. I am seeing more and more complications from these two diseases and the patients I see are much sicker then ten years ago.

What attracted you to the field of Nursing: The need for a challenging field where if I became bored with an area I could move into and learn about other areas.
Favorite food: I love to cook and love to eat wish I didnt and have many favorite foods.
Personal or favorite Quote: Dont sweat the small stuff and everythings small stuff.
Qualities you admire in your friends & loved ones: Loyalty kindness generosity honesty love of God.
Pet Peeves: Complainers
Major turn-offs: Talkers who never listen Drivers who take chances with their life and mine.
Hobbies and activities you enjoy outside of work: Sailing, Writing, Poetry, Reading, Shopping, Computer
Pets favorite vacation spots: Collie dogs are my favorite pets. Solano Beach, Orlando, San Diego Sailing to islands.

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Departments & Specialties Represented: Emergency Department, Home care, Intensive Care Nursing, Medical-Surgical, Education, Informatics, Neonatal (NICU), Obstetrics (Bilingual), Psychiatric

California Board of Registered Nursing
400 R St., Ste. 4030 Sacramento, CA 95814-6239 Phone: (916) 322-3350 FAX: (916) 327-4402 Contact Person: Ruth Ann Terry, MPH, RN, Executive Officer Web Site:
California Board of Vocational Nurse and Psychiatric Technician Examiners
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205 Sacramento, CA 95833 Phone: (916) 263-7800 FAX: (916) 263-7859 Contact Person: Teresa Bello-Jones, J.D., M.S.N, R.N., Executive Officer Web Site:

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California Nurses Association 2000 Franklin St. Oakland, CA, 94612

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Operating Room Nursing Council of California:"The Operating Room Nursing Council of California (ORNCC) has been meeting for more than 10 years. Members are either "Associate" or "Chapter Representatives" (volunteers from each AORN chapter in California)."

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PERIOP: An Electronic Forum for Perioperative/OR/Theatre Nurses WorldWide. This mailing list is unmoderated, and open to nurses and other health professionals interested in the care of patients immediately before, during and after surgical & interventional procedures. You must be a subscriber to receive & post messages to the list; instructions for subscribing can be found here: Currently the list has nearly 1300 subscribers, representing 13 countries over 5 continents. It processes 50+ messages each day on a variety of professional topics. It allows rural or isolated OR nurses to network with their peers and get opinions and answers to their questions. It introduces North American nurses to healthcare culture in other parts of the world, and lets nurses from that world listen in on our concerns.

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California Department of Health:"The California Department of Public Health will provide more focused state leadership in public health and health care financing and create a more effective public health infrastructure in California. The department will increase accountability and improve the effectiveness of both public health and health care purchasing activities."
(916) 558-1784
For relay services for the hearing impaired or speech impaired, please call:
MCI from TDD 1-800-735-2929 or MCI from voice telephone 1-800-735-2922
Sprint from TDD 1-888-877-5378 or Sprint from voice telephone 1-888-877-5379


Growth House, Inc: provides information and referral services for agencies working with death and dying issues both internationally and in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Cedars-Sinai Health System:
Cedars-Sinai Health System. 8700 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90048, USA. Phone 310-855-5000.


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University of Southern California, Berkeley:


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